Insitu Deep Recycling


A cost effective, sustainable alternative to traditional road construction

Retread is a versatile specialist cold in-situ surface treatment used as an alternative to traditional construction methods for extending pavement life and is suitable for use in both rural and urban environments.

We offer clients full technical support from scheme feasibility through to scheme completion, all provided by a team with market leading knowledge and experience. Retread is a tried and tested treatment that can be used for both carriageway and footway works. The process offers a cost effective, sustainable and environmental solution for addressing surface failures and profile issues. As with any surface treatment this specific solution must be supported by a suitable foundation and construction that meets the category of road. For sites that suffer from a structural failure please refer to deep in situ recycling.

The Process


The site is pulverised to a depth of up to 75mm, with aggregate added to improve the material grading if necessary. The material is then harrowed and graded to agreed levels and profile.

Emulsion is then evenly applied across the pulverised material and distributed by harrowing. The surface is then rolled, a second application of emulsion applied and 14mm chippings spread to close surface voids. Finally the treatment completed with a final application of emulsion followed by spreading 6mm chippings to provide a running surface.


The site is pulverised to a depth of between 50 and 75mm, with soft spots removed if necessary. The pulverised material is then trimmed by hand, with any excess material removed to allow for overlaying with a surfacing course.

Emulsion is then applied and the surface compacted by a roller. This is then followed by a light application of aggregate, which is rolled into the surface. Finally tack coat is applied to the surface and the surfacing course layer laid.

The Benefits

environmental and sustainable

Environmental & Sustainable

  • Negligible waste from site
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint
  • The existing road is used as a source of roadstone aggregate, employing the ‘linear quarry’ principals.
  • Reduced imported aggregate
  • Reduced lorry movements.
construction benefits

Construction Benefits

  • Quick construction time, with reduced disruption and impact
  • A safe running surface can be maintained for access
  • The road profile and level can be adjusted and improved.


  • Significant cost savings against traditional construction methods
  • Reduced traffic management costs due to shorter construction time
  • Reduced site management costs due to shorter construction time.