Recycling Centres

A collaborative, holistic approach to Recycling and Highway Maintenance activities

Allasso's Recycling Centres are where the ‘Total Recycling Concept’ comes alive. Our Centres employ the latest recycling technology providing the local area with a sustainable disposal solution and a supply of high quality recycled materials.

Our philosophy is to up cycle not just recycle. So often within the recycling industry products that were once premium are condemned to lower quality uses, such as high PSV roadstone used as a Type 4 fill material. At Allasso we break this trend and improve the structural qualities of the materials allowing the materials to be used in the upper layers of construction.

All of our products conform to the latest specifications including ‘The Specification of Highway Works’ and are manufactured using the strictest of quality protocols including WRAP’s ‘quality protocol for the production of aggregates from inert waste’.

We ensure the quality of our materials is at the heart of the business

Along with strict quality protocols and factory controls we ensure the materials follow a strict testing regime to ensure quality.

Our Recycling Plants are custom built to specification, ensuring that the products we offer are manufactured using the most modern and specialised equipment available.

Recycling Centres

    Some of the materials we offer:

  • Unbound Aggregate
    • Type 1
    • Single Size
    • Sand
    • Ballast
  • Hydraulic Bound Materials (HBM)
  • Fly Ash Bound Material (FABM)
  • Cement Bound Material (CBM)
  • Cold Bituminous Bound Material (BBM)
  • Hot Bituminous Binder and Surface Courses
  • Concretes
  • Foamed Concrete
  • Flowable Trench fill Material