Hot Asphalt

Hot Recycled Asphalt Binder and Surface Courses

“In every 20 tonnes of road planings disposed of, there is over £600 of bitumen lost forever!”

Following years of extensive research across the world, Allasso Recycling offer clients hot asphalt mixes using 100% reclaimed asphalt product (RAP).

We allow road planings to be used as a premium asphalt product, utilising the hardstone and bitumen binder once again.

Manufacturing New Asphalt from Old Asphalt

This is made possible by the use of two mobile asphalt recyclers and a blend of bitumen rejuvenating agents.

We utilise the existing hardstone and bitumen within the asphalt planings opposed to importing virgin quarried stone and bitumen.

The quality of the products is of a direct result of pre testing and treatment of the asphalt planings feedstock, good material in = good material out. The bitumen content, PEN value and grading is analysed within the laboratory to ensure the quality of the mixture.

The grading of the aggregate size is controlled by pre-screening the asphalt road planings and blending is completed as required.

The Uses and Results

The asphalt we have produced has been used for both binder and surface courses on carriageways and footways across the country with excellent results.

Applications have been:-

  • Patching works
  • Pre Surface Dressing Patching
  • Footways
  • Access Roads
  • Playgrounds
  • Carparks

A concern of local authorities has always been the use of recycled asphalt on carriageway surfaces. We have however completed many successful trials that have demonstrated that hot recycled asphalt performs comparibly to hot virgin asphalt mixes.

We undertook skid resistance value tests, the results of the tests demonstrated that recycled material provides skid resistance values comparable to virgin quarry material.

In addition; cores of the material have also been analysed and show that recycled material has good thermal bonding and provides good compaction levels.

Benefits of Recycled Hot Asphalt

benefits of hot asphalt icons
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Quarrying & Waste to Landfill
  • Reduced Transportation
  • Reduced Cost

Following the success of the materials we continue to invest in their development, with a mixing plant capable of over 100 tonnes per hour not too far away.