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Allasso Recycling provide our allpave range of Hydraulically Bound Material to term maintenance providers, contractors, developers, utility contractors and trade customers.

allpave is produced under a quality system conforming to UKAS accredited ISO 9001. In compliance with BS EN 14227: Hydraulically Bound Mixtures Specifications, The Specification for Highway Works and TRL611. We offer a full range of allpave HBM products, to all strength classes to satisfy the requirements of BS EN 14227 including:

  • CBGM
  • FABM
  • SBM

We can offer a full package of consultancy, design advice, site investigation, material testing, material manufacture and laying.

The Process

allpave HBM can be supplied from our facilities or on a national contract basis by manufacturing on site or satellite facility using our fleet of mobile batching plants which can produce anything from 10 to 400 tonne per hour. On site batching significantly reduces the movements of materials and significantly increases construction productivity.

HBM materials can utilise both up to 100% recycled aggregate material or primary aggregate with the benefit of using site won source aggregate. The use of HBM’s can significantly reduce costs and environmental impact in many pavement, hardstanding and reinstatement projects.

In addition HBM is an approved method of treating asphalt waste containing coal tar which significantly reduces the cost of disposal whilst maximising the use of the valuable aggregate. Allasso’s HBM solution for asphalt waste containing coal tar won the Highways Excellence Sustainability award in 2015.

HBM's allow once low value materials to be used as a premium product by improving the structural properties and 'upcycling' the source material

Hydraulically Bound Materials are a versatile group of materials that can be used in many construction activities, very often directly replacing costly and energy rich bituminous layers. They have a proven history of performance and longevity, being used extensively on major construction projects around the world.

    HBM's can be designed for use in many applications such as:-
  • Major Roads
  • Minor Roads
  • Footways
  • Reinstatement Activities
  • Floor Slabs
  • Over Sites

The materials can be manufactured for both instant use and storage, bringing a range of opportunities. The strength and stiffness properties can be designed and manufactured to suit almost any project, allowing extensive use of the products.

Being a cold process using recycled materials the use of HBM significantly contributes to C02 reductions and green procurement targets. The environmental and sustainability benefits are further improved by incorporating by products from other industrial activates as binders and fillers.

HBM's can be laid with readily available construction plant, such as used with bound and unbound material

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The Benefits

environmental and sustainable

Environmental & Sustainable

  • A sustainable solution for Asphalt Waste containing coal tar
  • Cold process with the ability to use recycled materials, the use of HBM significantly contributes to C02 reductions and green procurement targets.
  • Can contain up to 100% site won recycled aggregate content by utilising linear quarry principals.
  • Can be manufactured on site reducing transport
  • The use of by-products from other industrial activities as binders and fillers such as Pulverised Fly Ash (PFA), Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag (GGBS).
construction benefits

Construction Benefits

  • Reduced construction times
  • Reduced Pavement thicknesses
  • Thick lifts
  • Approved nationally for use
  • No specialist equipment - can be laid with readily available construction plant used with bound and unbound materials.


  • Reduced cost over traditional construction
  • Reduced disposal cost
  • Reduced project programme