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Cold Lay Asphalt

Allasso’s allphalt-E is a high quality, sustainable cold emulsion asphalt material intended for use in footways, carriageways, carparks, hardstandings and reinstatements.

The material can be used as a direct replacement to hot mix equivalents with significant operational advantages, including a long shelf life and storage ability. Cold lay asphalts are used extensively around the world with great success, in the UK the move to warm and cold mixtures is becoming far more popular due to the clear environmental, operational and cost benefits.

The Process

allphalt-E is available from our centers and on a national contract basis with mobile plants capable of producing in excess of 400 tonnes per hour.

allphalt-E is a blend of ingredients, that can incorporate up to 100% reclaimed asphalt into the mixture and is produced cold providing a significant reduction in Co2 in its production and use.

As much as 25kg Co2 can be saved per tonne when used in place of
hot mix materials

allphalt-E is produced under a UKAS accredited ISO9001 Quality Management System to TRL666 guidance/SHW series 900. allphalt-E can be laid using conventional paving equipment or hand lay methods.

allphalt-E is available in a selection of mix stiffness’s to suit almost any project with stiffness’s in excess of class B4 (4700mpa ITSM - SHW cl948) available.

    allphalt-E can be used in the following applications

  • Motorways/Major Roads
  • Minor Roads
  • Footways
  • Reinstatement Activities
  • Car Parks
  • Hardstanding’s

allphalt-E is the ideal solution for the maintenance of evolved and fen roads due to its flexibility and ability to move with the underlying road construction. Maintenance including inlay, overlay and patching works and can be trafficked or overlaid/ surface dressed almost immediately allowing earlier works completion.

allphalt-E is an Environment Agency approved method of encapsulating coal tar planings allowing reuse and significant reduction in disposal costs.

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Allphalt-E product information

The Benefits

environmental and sustainable

Environmental & Sustainable

  • A sustainable solution for Asphalt Waste containing coal tar
  • Cold process with the ability to use recycled materials, the use of allphalt-E significantly contributes to C02 reductions and green procurement targets.
  • No waste as the material can be stored
  • Can contain up to 100% recycled aggregate
  • Can be manufactured on site reducing transport
construction benefits

Construction Benefits

  • Reduced surfacing times
  • A single layer of  allphalt-E can replace multiple layers e.g. base and binder course give savings in both labour and time
  • Approved nationally for use
  • Improved Health and Safety
  • No specialist equipment - can be laid with readily available construction plant used with bound and unbound materials.
  • Material can be stored


  • Reduced cost over traditional surfacing
  • Reduced disposal cost
  • Reduced project programme
  • Reduced traffic management costs