Allasso repeats high score in ISO review

It has been that time of year when we call in UKAS accredited Company ACM Limited to carry out the annual review of our ISO certification for 9001,14001 and 18001. With hard work and dedication from all of our staff throughout the year we have successfully passed with flying colours yet again. We pride ourselves on our Management System and we are always looking for continual improvement within the Company.

“All over an excellent effort in implementation, the management team are very driven and take their legal and moral duties seriously and understand the importance of protecting the environment and their workforce. The work the Company have completed will provide a great framework for their growth ambitions going forward. The business itself is based on a model that adds real value to the clients’ highway maintenance schemes whilst reducing environmental impact. As per previous audits they were well resourced and the management team was totally dedicated to the process.”

– Auditor on behalf of ACM

Our scope of registration includes aggregate removal, recycling, stabilisation, consulting, testing and re-application to road surfaces.


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