“Recycle, Relay, Reduce”

Welcome to Allasso

Allasso Recycling is a recycling and Construction Company operating UK wide. We provide an integrated, holistic approach to material recycling and construction activities.

We identified that a single provider offering the ‘Total Solution’ did not exist. An elite group of industry leading professionals with the knowledge and experience to deliver this innovative solution from our team. We offer a comprehensive range of recycled materials and treatments to provide the ultimate ‘Total Solution’

We look to recycle 100% of materials and use a hub concept to advise and educate our partners. We have innovative ideas and form long term relationships with clients aiming to reduce costs and increase sustainability.

“Recycling material is only part of what we do”

Our Hub Concept…

Our unique ‘Hub’ concept allows us to offer a bespoke solution at single scheme level, through to the daily needs of an entire contract. This concept enables a holistic approach to all highway maintenance and recycling activities. We use innovative processes and recycled materials that significantly reduce inefficiencies. This collaborative approach offers huge environmental and cost benefits to the delivery of highway maintenance activities.

“Be innovative, Be green, Be long term”

Why Allasso?…

To learn more about our unique integrated service please contact us via the contact page or call us on 01933 420555